how to use transform.rotation?

i have six variables Xposition, Yposition, Zposition, Xrotation, Yrotation, and Zrotation. i want put this when my player hit a cube (like a checkpoint)

        player.transform.position = Vector3(data.Xposition,data.Yposition,data.Zposition);
        player.transform.rotation = Vector3(data.Xrotation,data.Yrotation,data.Zrotation);

either this player.transform.position =

        player.transform.rotation =Vector3(data.Xposition,data.Yposition,data.Zposition,data.Xrotation,data.Yrotation,data.Zrotation);

but that give me an error. how to solve it?

I had problems with this also the first time I needed to use it… Bunny is right on… Here is an example of it being used in a practical application.

function OnLevelWasLoaded(level : int)
	if (level == 1){
         transform.position = Vector3(-30,1.5,0);
         transform.rotation = Quaternion (0,90,0,0);

The 90 rotates my character to the right 90 degrees.
Bunny can you explain why Euler Angles are important? I dont get it… How would that improve the code?

You should really check this out This

It’s a great place for learning all the components… with examples of how to use them.

A Quaternion is a very special way to express a rotation. It uses 4 values (x,y,z,w) which has nothing to do with angle-values. If you want to specify euler angles, you have to use Quaternion.Euler like this:

player.transform.rotation = Quaternion.Euler(data.Xrotation, data.Yrotation, data.Zrotation);