how to use unity socket

we want to use unity pro for our multiplayer game,it’s based on tcp/ip socket. I saw the pro version support .net socket,but I cannot find any reference for api interface. would you please tell me if there are tutorials or reference, and if there are any third party libraris that works with ios platform and win32 platform? thanks.

If someone still needs examples, you may try FMETP STREAM | Forum

It provides Streaming Demo with TCP solution, and Web browser demo with Socket.IO.

All source code are written in C# and easy to modify.

Supported: Android/iOS/Mac/PC

You can find examples and tutorials on how to write code that uses sockets on MSDN if you just look up the class article itself, here’s a link to it:

Networking with sockets is a very common task. Tutorials shouldn’t be hard to come across, just do a google for “Socket tutorial C#”, you should get a bunch of good results.