how to use Unity3.1 in Xcode

Hi, if i want to make a 3d Game for iPhone(iOS) and i use the unity 3.1 but how i can use unity engine in xcode so that i will be writting all of my game logic in Objective-C and obviously view will be made in unity... please help. Thanks alot

I wish to know the same thing (sort of)…

According to this page:

…it sounds like I can take the UnityEngine.dll and use it external to Unity while creating my own DLLs. My question is also: “How do I do this in XCode?”

Basically, what I want to do is to create a non-C# library and then use that in Unity. Now, for simple stuff like SquareThisNumber(int n), that is not a problem at all… but I want to do some more substantial stuff also and THAT, unfortunately, requires using Vector3 and Transform and GameObject and SendMessage etc etc etc…

I am a veteran in coding for Unity but I am like day one with Obj-C and Xcode so I literally don’t know where to start. From what I’ve seen, though, linking in a DLL requires the .h file in order to use the library. I don’t recall ever having seen Unity distribute the header file for the UnityEngine library so the question arises again… how would I go about using the UnityEngine.dll library in Xcode?