How to use UnityAnswers Code Sample?

Hi, I was just trying to reply to someone’s question but can’t seem to get the code sample part right… As you can see, it gets white in the middle (at the MonoBehaviour), and first I was having even more problems… I also had to remove the enter before the last }(sometimes even more lines), or it wouldn’t be included in the code sample , but in the text below.

Also, when using the wysiwyg I get the numbers 59 arround my text, what is really annoying (and unnecessary, cause I can just remove them and reply, so why is that?).
Anyone got some tips on how to use the code sample the right way?

PS. The white part wasn’t there in the beginning, but then it was looking even worse… So I just kept it this way…

Edit: Also enters don’t work correctly?

its the code button that does it, try selecting the text you want formatted as code, then press the 0101010 button in the interface, that should fix it.