How to use Vector3 int C#

Hello everyone ,i meet a problm. when i use javaScript like:

var pos =new Array
    Vector3 (-1.8, 0, 0), Vector3(-0.6, 0, 0)...

it works. But in C#:

public Vector3[] haha=new Vector3[2]{Vector3 (-1.8f, 0, 0), Vector3(-0.6f, 0, 0)};

there are some problems . how to use Vector3 Array in C#

I think this should work:

public Vector3[] haha = new Vector3[] {new Vector3 (-1.8f, 0, 0), new Vector3(-0.6f, 0, 0)};

There are probably a few ways to do it. I am a fan of ArrayLists...

ArrayList a = new ArrayList();
a.add(new Vector3(0,0,0));
a.add(new Vector3(1,1,1));

foreach(Vector3 v in a){