How to Vertex-Snap the corner of a Sprite-Shape


I’d like to know how to “vertex snap” (presing V-Key) a corner of a Sprite Shape.
I see I can snap it’s pivot, but I can’t even place the pivot to a corner to facilitate snapping. When I set the sprite’s pivot to “top left” it doesn’t really move to the top left corner.

It’s first time I use Sprite Shapes, is there something I’m missing?

It’s not that I really need SpriteShapes right now, but curious about it I wanted to try it out for… Straight Platforms! haha. And maybe that way avoid the vertical lines that were appearing and dissappearing at the union point of two sprites (see second image attached). The result was awesome, for curved and straight platforms, and not more vertical disturbing lines. But I crash into this pivot/vertex_snapping problem. It’s not a big deal although it would be nice if there were a way making it work.

See in image below how the unique point to vertex-snap while pressing V Key is the pivot

Note: I already tried updating “2D Sprite Shape” to versión 3.0.7.




I’m with the same problem. I was trying to reduce the UV’s in Sprite Editor and changing quality, but nothing fix it … :frowning:

Please use Sprite Borders that should help fix the issue. A quick demo is here :

in the sprite shape controller there is this snapping option BUT you have to check the box everytime! I don’t know if that is a bug or if this has been fixed but it is quite annoying to me :frowning:

I come from another game engine and cannot figure this simple task in unity yet.