How to vertically stretch camera view

What I have is two cameras in the exact same location in a scene, but they are both sharing a Normalized Viewport Rect of half width, such that the game view has a vertical split screen appearance. I am trying to make game compatible with a head-mounted display for my class, and as such, i need both cameras to produce a vertically stretched rendering of the scene, something similar to this image:

alt text

I am looking for either an inspector-based or scripted solution. Thanks in advanced!

You’re not going to be getting it from the default camera editor options. You’ll need to create a script which overrides the projection matrix of the camera. If you’re not familiar with what the projection matrix is, or how it works, I hope you’re comfortable with trigonometry functions, as it’s required to get a firm grasp.

Once you understand how it works, you can definitely make your changes encapsulated into a variable which is in turn exposed to the editor.

Here’s is the property on Camera you’re going to set to your custom projection matrix:

Easy way