How to.. without out pro?

I was wondering if it is possible to make realistic water, and or like making a game for the iPhone and iPod touch, android, Ps3, Xbox 360. i am not a very wealthy person but i am willing to learn and i wanna be able to put realistic things in my game and make them for different systems if you could help with this that would be great thank you!

Depends on what you mean by "realistic"...see Ole's indie video about the upcoming new water asset here. You can get the non-Pro version of the Unity iPhone license for $400, same with Android (eventually, when it's out of beta). You won't realistically be able to make PS3 or Xbox 360 games without a relatively large amount of cash, both for the Unity console licenses themselves, and whatever requirements you need to be a licensed Sony/Microsoft developer, as well as the resources necessary to compete in that space. ("Large" by lone garage developer standards; you don't need to be EA or anything.)