How to work around perspective distortion on very wide displays?

I am curious as to what solutions there are for displaying Unity content on very wide displays. By this I mean either multi-display setups or extremely wide screens which go beyond the usual 16:9 or 16:10 aspect ratio. What advantages/disadvantages do different solutions have? Are any tweaks within Unity possible? External hardware/software? Any suggestions are welcome.

I am currently faced with severe distortion towards the left and right sides of my display (3072:768 or 6144:768 resolution).

Thanks Sebas

Use a smaller field of view, like 30 instead of 60.

Links to other projects that have used wide field of view techniques with Unity:

Unity Dome

I think they are using the multiple viewports approach too.


I already evaluated the possibility to render 3 viewports next to each other. I use a multi-screen setup with 3 large screens positioned next to each other horizontally.

Edit: Until now, I couldn't achieve a seamless transition between my viewports, because I neglected the aspect ratio. I assumed the aspect ratio of the viewport is used to render each viewport. After manually adjusting the aspect ratio, the setup with 3 viewports next to each other works well.

The downside to this approach is performance. I am effectively rendering three times as much geometry which slows down my application to a crawl. I had to abandon this solution and am still faced with my distortion.