how to work around Squarespace, web hosting not allowing to add app-ads.txt file to root domain?

Hi, to my horror it turns out that most of the web hosting services do no allow adding the app-ads.txt to root domain.

An alternative I found is to use a separate web host for .txt file and then remap the URL via Squarespace ?
Is this the way people tackle this issue ?
Or is there a better way?
(I am thinking of using pastebin for the .txt file and then remapping)

Got suggestion from:


We don't have any official stance here, because the app-ads.txt specification is defined by the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau). So we don't have much flexibility on how it is implemented and you would be responsible ensuring compliance with it.

However, in regards to external hosting and remapping a URL, there is a section of the ads.txt specification that discusses redirects:

Only a single HTTP redirect to a destination outside the original root domain is allowed to facilitate one-
hop delegation of authority to a third party's web server domain. If the third-party location returns a redirect, then the advertising system should treat the response as an error. A future version may
address other delegation of authority to a third-party web server. Any other redirect should be
interpreted as an error and ignored.

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