How to work with multiple scenes in Unity?

I’m working in Unity 2020.1.6f1 and I have a trouble with creating menu. I made a scene with 3 buttons Play, Settings and Help and I made 3 scenes for each of these sections. I’m trying to copy Canvas from main scene which is menu, so I copied everything from main scene and dragged in settings scene by using File - Open Scene and I saved it. Then I came back to main scene and when I started my game and pressed Settings button it said No cameras rendering and I opened settings scene again to see what happened and every content in this scene just disappered. I had several attempts, I renamed files but there’s no success so I guess there’s just gotta be another way of doing this, hope you help me!

Also maybe there’s no need to create several scenes for each sections of start menu so let me know about it.

Elisey, novice Game Designer

@elistawer Ok Ok this is a stupid way to make a menu.

  1. if u want to work with multiple scenes u must make a prefabs which allow u to save u r GaneObject as prefabs and using it in mutliple scenes.
  2. but if u want to make Main menu u should make panels in canves like : setting, help and SetActive true or false.

As @Ali17X pointed out, canvases are the way to go.
Only exception I could think of, is if your menus contain a different 3D or 2D scene and not just some UI.
With switching canvases, you have your main camera still active.

If you have multiple scenes and load them, they all need a main camera except if you load them additionally to your current scene.

Check the editor. If this message comes, there’s no camera object active.
Maybe you are deactivating the main camera?