How to write curved shader with shadows in unity.


How to write curved shader with shadows in unity?

Thanks in advance.

Well the smart-ass answer would be: By typing. But to be honest, I don’t think people can actually answer this question because it is so general. It’s a similar question like “How do I make a game in unity”. There are so many different aspects to it that it will not be easy to give a solid answer. The best way to start out is to follow some tutorials on how to write shaders for unity. For starters, you will need to learn a different programming language. There are a lot of tutorials on this on youtube for instance. I suggest starting there. If you already have experience writing shaders, maybe a Unity Shaders Cookbook type of book might be useful for you. Anyway, you can of course ask all the questions you want, but it may be better to ask them when you run into a more specific problem. That way people can give you a good answer (hopefully) and you can keep on going. And hey, maybe I’m wrong and someone is going to write a nice tutorial for you.