how to write infinity

ok simple question for a simple answer

how do i write infinity, you know where you get the little boxes like say for instance break force and it says infinity, i deleted it to try some stuff out and for the life of me cant work out how to put infinity back in there

You just type


with a capital. Then press enter.

Infinity. Just like that, as a word with the first capital letter. Correct, so further - for an instance - if your script has a float value entry line, such as for time waiting or a distance and anything else you want to do with that float in the script, than simply in the inspector - on that value line write the word Infinity. These kinds of topics never get old, so it’s good that Unity never deletes any of them, since people will always be running into it, every few years later, maybe even a century as well - for as long as programming in C#, & Java, etc - for the game engines exists.