How to write Multidimensional Hashes?

I code in Unity's Javascript-like language.

I'm wondering if I can use multidimensional hashes and what the syntax would look like?

Essentially, I just want to create a hash that represents a relationship between two groups of objects, like so:

link{A}{alpha} = 1;
link{B}{beta} = 1;
link{C}{gamma} = 1;


I've never heard of a multidimensional hash before, but it seems like a multidimensional associative array. I googled javascript multidimensional hash and the first hit and the related comment in the second hit seem like what you're asking for, are they?

Unity js arrays can be indexed by strings or numbers just like in regular js, so you'd get code that looks like:

var hash = {};
hash["foo"] = {};
hash["foo"]["bar"] = {};
hash["foo"]["bar"]["bash"] = 1;

As noted in the first link that I posted, you should check for null values when indexing a multidimensional associative array.