How two people can work on project simultaneously

I’ve been working on my game solo until now, getting my artists to email me meshes and textures and I’d incorporate them, but I just had an animator join the team and I want him to integrate his animations and mecanim data himself. But… how can this work?

I have figured I could zip up the project and send it to him and he can send it back to me, in the mean time I’ll keep diligent track of any changes I make in my project and then redo them back into his version of the project after… but is there a simpler way of doing this?


Tortoise SVN :

however if its not worth the money to you guys, you would have to send individual files. It sounds like a pain but usually the team leader or whoever has the most done already keeps the project file and everyone sends him/her the files to import and compile and all that good stuff