How use 3rd android sdk in unity? (Vuzix Barcode SDK)

I want to use this function in unity:

import com.vuzix.sdk.barcode.Scanner;
import com.vuzix.sdk.barcode.ScanResult;
ScanResult[] results = Scanner.scan(data, width, height);
If (results.length > 0) {
    // we got results, do something with them

But i dont know how can i store the resoult.

    var result = new AndroidJavaObject("com.vuzix.sdk.barcode.ScanResult");
    var scanner = new AndroidJavaObject("com.vuzix.sdk.barcode.ScannerFragment");
    result = scanner.Call("scan("+targetColorARR+", "+blockWidth+",  "+blockWidth+")");

error CS0029: Cannot implicitly convert type void' to UnityEngine.AndroidJavaObject’

Hi @unity_8wmEBozw7OX96Q ,

Just wanted to know if you were able to create the Unity application using Vuzix Barcode SDK for scanning a barcode and displaying the result on the screen.

Could you please share the sample code / project for the same as it will help me develop my application further on Vuzix Blade.

Thanks in advance!