How use NET 3.5 functions in unity?

How use NET 3.5 functions in unity? How import System.Core.dll to unity?

Unity doesn’t use .Net. It uses a fork of Mono, which is broadly feature-matched to .Net 2.0.

Never used memory mapping, but is it a feature you can use in a standalone application and then expose that functionality via an interface that your Unity app can access?

one way is to do this (but I think you’ll have some problems when it comes to using the NET3.5 functionality in the app, thought at least it will build and run):

go to File → Build Settings → Player Settings → [Tab] Other Settings
and change the Api Compatibility Level to .NET2.0 Subset

but again, this is just to let your app build, I don’t think you can actually use .NET3.5 libraries at all