how was this 2d game created?

I want to make a 2d game with unity. I came across this:

and I want to know as far as you guys can tell how was this created because the objects in the game don't look 3d. is it orthographic view or what? any pointers on how I can recreate this sort of 2d environment? or something like it?


It looks like Puyo Puyo with the balls hanging on the vine "grape style"

You can use Toon Shader to create the cartoon effect. Ortho cam to create the 2d view. (Rotate so it looks at the scene like a diorama) Rigidbody with gravity for the fall. Assign tint materials to different color types (try using a enum). Upon collision, check if colors match; if yes, fall, otherwise hang and build. Timer to make the level descend down.

You might also take a look at this (Unity award winning) game: Max and the Magic Marker