How/Where is WorldAnchorStore stored?

I created a WorldAnchorStore for my project which attaches holograms to specific world points in my office. I have multiple HoloLens devices that I’m using, and I want my game to work on all of them. The problem is, when I try switching between HoloLenses, all the WorldAnchorStore data seems to be forgotten. Therefore I assume that the WorldAnchorStore is stored on a per-device basis. Is this correct? If so, what would be the best practice for ensuring that all my devices have access to the same WorldAnchorStore?

Thank you for your time!

PS. My goal here is NOT to create a “shared” experience. This is a single-player sort of game. I just don’t want to re-create my WorldAnchorStore from scratch for every individual HoloLens.

All I know about where the WorldAnchors are stored is that it’s obfuscated somehow, and on a per-app basis. To transfer stores between devices, you’ll need to sync them up with WorldAnchorTransferBatch: Unity - Manual: XR architecture