How will legacy analytics implementations react to the service being shut down end of 2022?

Per the [FAQ here]( Unity Analytics FAQs ?utm_campaign=DG-Other_global_Transactional_MESD-3988-2022-06-global-dg-legacy-analytics-migration-transactional-email&utm_content=MESD-3988-2022-06-global-dg-legacy-analytics-migration-transactional-email&utm_medium=email&utm_source=Eloqua), Legacy Analytics (a.k.a. Unity Analytics), will be shut down Dec 31, 2022.

We have a number of apps in production with Legacy Unity Analytics implementations (with various versions of Unity). What should we expect to happen after Dec 31 for apps that have not been upgraded? Will post attempts from the app raise exceptions, crash the app? I’m really worried that we’ll realize devastating effects of Unity turning off the service too late for apps we cannot afford to upgrade by end of year.

Can we request extensions of Legacy Analytics service for specific apps we cannot upgrade?


Sorry for the late reply. I understand your concern and we are currently working on a solution which shouldn't force anyone to upgrade to the new SDK or update their game code - we'll have updates to share on this topic soon!

In terms of the effects of shutting the service down following the testing we have done your apps won't crash - assuming Analytics is integrated as expected.

I'm also interested in hearing a bit more about your situation in terms of why you can't upgrade so we can do our best to help you and others that may be in your situation. Feel free to DM me.