How work Extract From Prefab option in menu Assets?

Hi, I try to understand how work Extact From Prefab option from Menu Assets.

I tried to marking prefabs and models, also gameObject but this option is always disabled.

I checked also class PrefabUtility but it hasn’t any similar method.

I found this in documentation:

If you want to modify the properties
of the Materials in Unity, you can
extract them all at once using the
Extract Materials button. If you want
to extract them one by one, go to
Assets > Extract From Prefab. When you
extract Materials this way, they
appear as references in the Remapped
Materials list.

I marked model with material, set Location to Use Embedded Material and delete material in Remapped Material category. After that I can use Exctract Material Button to get material.


I have found in AssetDatabase similar method.
I try to extract material with Extract From Prefab but this option is disabled.
How can I use this option?

Option Extract from prefab is enable when we mark material in expanded model (if material exist).

Below you can article about that.