How would i animate Tank treads?

How would ianimate and load my animation of tank trends. i use a PathDeform Modifier in 3DS which unity just converts to a compressed FBX and i loose the animation. (sorry about poor english)

As Unity doesn't support Vertex animation, and the Path Deform modifier in max would basically be baking this type of data into the fbx (if at all), you need to stick with what unity supports, Bones.

By saying you use the path deform modifier I'll assume you have multiple sections of tread that move along a spline which is shaped around the tread in Max. If you were to place bones in all of the tread pieces, there are a couple of options, I'm not sure which will work.

  1. Animate the bones using a path deform modifier, which will be closest to what you're currently doing.
  2. If that doesn't work, you may need to manually animate the bones.

Take a look at the unity race game tutorial, they use a skid mark system similar to tred marks, they reuse a set of skid marks and updates their position as you slide around, this saves memory and stops you filling the scene with extra textures.

I’m trying to tackle this problem currently and if you simply parent whatever you’re trying to animate to a single bone, unity recognizes it. This isn’t a very pretty solution but you could go through and animate everything individually as you would normally but just make sure it’s parented to a single bone.