How Would I Change This To Read Within A Time Range?

I have this system time reference script that I would like to change so that instead of doing something on hour it did it within a time range say between 8:00 to 12:00 noon.
How would I change the setting of this script so that it does that?

void Awake () {
		if (sending == null) {
			DontDestroyOnLoad (gameObject);
			sending = this;
		} else if (sending != this) {
			Destroy (gameObject);
		MessageCentreText.text = "CALIBRATE";

	//Time OF Day Notification
	//Noon Time
	if (sysHour == 12) {
		GetComponent<AudioSource>().clip = timeVoicesNoon[Random.Range(0,timeVoicesNoon.Length)];
			MessageCentreText.text = "GOOD AFTERNOON";
			Debug.Log ("Good Afternoon!");
	//Morning Time
	else if (sysHour == 8) {
		GetComponent<AudioSource>().clip = timeVoicesMorning[Random.Range(0,timeVoicesMorning.Length)];
			MessageCentreText.text = "GOOD MORNING";
			Debug.Log ("Good Morning!");
	//Night Time
	else if (sysHour == 22) { 
		GetComponent<AudioSource>().clip = timeVoicesNight[Random.Range(0,timeVoicesNight.Length)];
			MessageCentreText.text = "GOOD EVENING";
			Debug.Log ("Good Night!");

		//Do something if desired
			MessageCentreText.text = "KNIGHT INDUSTRIES 2000";
		Debug.Log("Go to bed!");

I had forgotten that if I change it to this it works within a certain range.

if (sysHour > 13) {

It’s not precisely between something like 8 Am and 11 Am but it works.