How would I deform a plane surface with a bumped line? (image attached)

I want to have a plane in my scene. Then in-game I want to hover my mouse over an area on the plane and when I mouse button down it must lift a line up in that area. I just need help to where I can look to get started. How would you go to do this?

My end goal is to have a plane and be able to make multiple “speedbumps” along the plane wherever I want. It should only lift it a certain y value.


you can access mesh vertex positions from script and you can also edit them from code.

MeshFilter mf = this.GetComponent<MeshFilter>();
		Vector3[] vertexAry = mf.mesh.vertices;

		//Edit selected values in vertexAry
		//then fill the values

		mf.mesh.vertices = vertexAry;