how would i do this effect

I have been search online for a few days now , i am trying to recreate this sort of effect in unity3d Pro , I want it for the spell area of effect

Effect from Lol

Any ideas ??

You can create this effect with texture on plane. Using texture must have alfa channel.Material’s shader must support alfa channel(ex : Unlit->Texture).

You Have not really explained what you want, do you want it so that the blue circle is like an area to do curtain spells in or do you just want it there for show ???

Blue circle can be creating with texture(You must do alfa channel to texture). First created texture and used plane , then i used unlit Transparent shader.(You can use what you want.But shader must support to alfa channel.)alt text

And you can use Spehere Collider to check to range or other way check to Distance (Vector3.Distance)