How would I find the name of all game objects in a c# List

Hi I am trying to figure out the best way to find all instantiated bombs (GameObjects) so far the way I have theorised (please tell me if there is a more efficient method of doing this) is to add all the bombs to a static array/List on instantiation called bombList.

When the bomb has exploded I will remove it from the list. The problem comes now when I want to access all the bombs at once, I found the foreach method and I was wondering if there was a way of using it to say access all the bombs names?

I realise that i could make a function which uses a for loop to iterate through the list and return the names but I was just wondering (for the sake of expedience and knowing) if there is a more efficient/ implemented way of doing this. As it stands I probably have to do this sort of process for a lot of things so any advice on better ways of dealing with this is also appreciated.

// New List for storing Bomb Objects
public static List<GameObject> bombList = new List<GameObjects>();

void Start () {
void Update(){
        // get all of the bombs currently in bombList and print their names out

I would just use a foreach as you are using a List.

   foreach(var go in bombList)