How would I generate a forest using perlin noise?

I always thought spawning objects using perlin would be an easy answer but now I’m realizing a huge problem!
I’m not using a tile system, so the resolution (space between items) becomes a problem and I will also be generating objects in-game so I need to be able to rescan spaces I haven’t seen yet when running through the map.
So my stupid solution was to check every 0.1f unit using perlin noise but that doesn’t seem to be enough resolution for the perlin function to give me actual noise. There’s a lot of variables here that can change the outcome
so I’ll simply ask, what do you do to randomly generate objects in a game that’s not using a tile system?

I’ve figured the problem. If you’re going to use perlin noise, make sure your input is a few decimal points, otherwise you’ll get no noise. Only thing you have to do is add an offset to your values, or you can call it the seed: float offset = 3.452f
Mathf.PerlinNoise(X + offset, Z + offset);