how would i go about adding a border?

hello. i'm designing a tetris / space invaders games, the main_PlayBoard is were the game takes place. there is a space around the side to allow me to write down some scoring and maybe a Real time local scoring board, but this is outside the playing board. so obviously, i don't really want the 'Player's' ship to be able to go outside the playing board.

i have tried to stop this by placing to non-rendered boxes either side of the PlayBoard, but there is problems like the player vibrates when it is held to the wall, and held there long enough, the player can flip out.

i don't know how to do this with triggers. mabye, stop the player from going anymore left/right when against the wall, but i don't know how i would go about this is code.alt text

You can just use Mathf.Clamp on the player coordinates. I wouldn't bother with physics for something like this, unless it needs behavior such as bouncing off walls.