How would I go about deprecating the API?

I know how to normally deprecate an API in C#/VS, but how would I go about deprecating Unitys API when its sealed like it is.
I find many parts of Unitys API unsuitable for production purposes, like GameObject.Find(), comparing tags, etc, and would like to prevent any current and future collaborators from using such things in any project with me.

You can’t deprecate a method of Unity’s API because, by definition, you can’t decide whether it’s going to be removed in a later version or not. If you want to specify how your fellow developers write their code, you need a coding standards document. Or do you simply want a warning to appear whenever certain methods are used?

I am pretty sure this is going to have to be handled on the side of your IDE. Here is a bit of an outdated tutorial that may give you an idea of what that would mean: How to write custom static code analysis rules and integrate them into Visual Studio 2010 | Microsoft Learn