How would I go about selling a Unity game?

Like for a PC(not iPhone), with the Unity Indie(aka free) package. Do I need to buy a license? Or...what? Can I offer a "donators" thing, if I can't outright sell the game?

According to the Unity store, Unity Indie (now known simply as Unity) is free for personal and commercial use. So you can sell a game you make with it.

If your company ends up grossing over $100,000, you will need to buy Unity Pro (though you probably won't mind at that point). From the license comparison page:

"Companies or incorporated entities that had a turnover in excess of US$100,000 in their last fiscal year must use Unity Pro."

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As answered already: You can just sell it, the difficult part is how to sell it... I've been researching fees and features of payment processing and fulfillment solutions. These are my favorites so far:

Fastspring (8.9% -OR- 5.9% + $0.95, but a lot of features - watch their demo)

PayPal (1.9% - 3.4% + 0,35 - there might be charges for withdrawing the money?)

BMT Micro (9.5%)

Then there's only the problem of getting people to want to pay for the game :)

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As mentioned above, the difficult part is selling it. But more in the way of getting people to buy it and advertising.

As mentioned above is how to sell it and stuff but first things I would probably do is offer to my friends first for something like 1-10 and ask them if they like it, how much they'd pay for that game and so on... If they like it, e-mail some hame selling comanie like steam or something maybe, make a website aboout the game, make a website about all the games you've made, post it on google, tell your friends about the website and tell them to tell their friends about the website and the game.

If you want a good website which will let you make your website search google...

another tricky part would be packaging of the game since the unity build feature builds a file folder which people could easily send to one another without buying it. Not sure how one would go about countering that though :frowning: .