How would I make a window/sheet of glass?

I am a begginer with unity and I was wondering how to make a window for a building, so you look threw it and see the inside of the store/house. Please help!!!

I see this is an oldish thread but someone else may still need the answer, I made a glass material by importing a simple blinn material at 50% transparency from Maya and imported it as a asset into Unity. this way I could apply it to any shape and control the reflectivity, colour and trarency. works a treat , hope this helps someone

you could use a plane and have a texture on it that uses a transparent shader and make your texture have some scratches and stuff as details to make it look more real, im sorry if that is not simple enough explanation for you because i am a beginner too. so it might be a little confusing, just reply to this comment if you have any questions.

EDIT: also if you want help on a live chat, download an irc client and if you want i can give you some details to the unity3d chat and how to access it, there are heaps of people that will help you almost instantly if they know the answer

In photoshop you get an image of a window (or create one), and create an alpha mask on it. Transparent parts (glass) should be painted over grey (semi-transparent). Paint the frame white. :)

try this