How would I script this?

This is what I want achieve:

1st object (O1) person
2nd object (O2) mumia
3rd object (O3) golden cross

I want my “O1” to pick up “O3” and when it does, “O2” starts appearing around “O1”.
The more “O3” is collected by “O1”, the more frequent “O2” is appering around “O1”
)Note that the mumia can teleport anywhere in the map. When “O2” catches “O1” the screen displays the amount of “O3” is collected.

How would I script this?

As Piflik said, this is not a place to ask for scripts, either way let me tell you how you can go about doing it.

Besides Latin, I’ve never heard of the word Mumia so forgive me if I say something wrong .Anyways,from the looks it looks like you are creating something like “slender man” if that’s right here’s the approach I would use to create this script.
Here are the listed steps.

  1. A variable named crossCount stores number of crosses you have.
  2. Every time you get near a cross and press say “Jump” Cross gets destroyed.
  3. As soon as cross gets destroyed crossCount goes up by one that is to say crossCount++.
  4. For Mumia create a Random number , multiply it by crossCount and that’s the probability of Mumia to come near you.
  5. Factors such as speed,crossCounts can be used to determine whether Mumia’ll attack you or not.