How would I use bool to compare in this situation?

I am VERY new to this, please be kind. I was instructed to do this:
//-keep track of the matching status of each digit in a boolean
check all three boolean match variables, if they are all true then we have a match to the winning number, exit out of the while loop

I am 90% finished with this assignment but I’m not sure I understand how to use bool properly.

I’m assuming he wants me to check whether randomNum1 matches userEnteredNum1 (and random 2 user 2 and random 3 user 3)

but I’m struggling to format it. Any suggestions or helpful links are most welcome!

Well at least you’ve admitted we’re doing your homework for you, 99% of your classmates pass it off as something they are working on as part of their project, but they must have the answer as fast as possible!

If your assumptions are correct, then how about

if (randomNum1 == userEnteredNum && randomNum2 == .... &&)

ie use the && operator