How would you go at making a spherical grid layout

I want to create a grid in the shape of a sphere yet ,as little as I know, I can’t figure where to even begin research this and how to implement it by code, The only grids i ever made were 2D square grids and never had any experience with 3D ones.

So the question is, How would you approach this and is it even possible (not hex grid but a square grid)?

Thanks in advance.

Hey @sexysnizel,

tl;dr - You cannot tile a sphere with identical squares or hexagons.

The math on why it’s impossible (proven for hexes here, but same formula can be used for squares):

These two links play around with the idea above and go into more depth:

This research paper covers subdiving a hemisphere into equal sized mostly-square cells, so if you could implement what they’re proposing and put a coordinate system on top of it, maybe it could suit your needs: