How yo stream mic data to web using UnityWebRequest?

Hi. I want to stream mic input data from Unity to wit.ia web server.

According to Unity side, they say:
“It also supports high-demand features such as chunked HTTP requests, streaming POST/PUT operations, and full control over HTTP headers and verbs.”

And in wit.ia page docs they say:
“Streaming audio
We accept chunked data, which is a good way to reduce latency. In addition to the Content-type header, you must set a Transfer-encoding header to chunked
Audio stream shouldn’t exceed 10s of audio time.”

Here is more details in the wit.ia side:

Example request

$ curl -XPOST ‘
-i -L
-H “Authorization: Bearer $TOKEN”
-H “Content-Type: audio/wav”
–data-binary “@sample.wav

I dont know how to handle this. Please, keep in mind that im asking for STREAMING. I already know how to do this without streaming (just sending a recorder wav file from disk).

Any ideas will be appreciated!

@KaOzz Any luck getting this sorted out? I’m about to tackle exactly the same thing.