htc hero and unity3D android

I want ask about unity android,i have build a apk,and i have installed it to my htc hero, but when i running it , there is a error like :"Failure to initialized! Your hardware does net support this application ,sorry!"

In unity i have do some like Device Filter :ARMv6 Graphics Level OpenGL ES1.x,but it not use .

what's the problem.

What about "Minimum API Level"? To run on the HTC you're suppose to use 2.0 (level 6) or 2.1 (level 7).

hi Hentique,

I’m having the same issue, I configured every thing to the lowest level and still now luck…it crashes on execution!

Any help on this topic?

Hey guys,

This is an issue I have been trying to solve as well…
The issue is that the htc hero’s cpu/arm is not compatible, although you are able to set to android level 2.1.0 update at lowest and arm6…

But at this moment your main android market phones reach beyond this configuration, so 2.2 and above are what you should aim for.

Etienne Cowley