[HTC Vive] Detect how far a trigger is pulled

I am making a VR game where the player drives a car. To use the pedals, I intend to map the gas and brake to the triggers on the Vive controllers, however I do not know how to detect how far a trigger has been pulled.
As an example of what I want, play almost any game that lets you drive a car using an Xbox controller, and only pull the trigger halfway. In most games, this would keep you moving at half your top speed. I want to do this with the Vive triggers, but can’t find a reference to the trigger’s axis. Please help.

@chris1012 This is the reference you are looking for

You can use the UnityEngine.Input class to access the axis and button values.

  • Left Controller Trigger (7) (Squeeze) ------ Unity Axis ID 9
  • Right Controller Trigger (7) (Squeeze) ---- Unity Axis ID 10

Create Inputs for Gas and Brake buttons.

Example Input Manager Script

using UnityEngine;

public class InputManager : MonoBehaviour {

    void Update()
        // - Universal Unity Input for Unity Axis ID 9 and 10
        // Gas - 9th axis joystick
        // Brake - 10th axis joystick

        if (Input.GetAxis("Gas") != 0)
            // Show the analog trigger values for Gas Trigger Button
            Debug.Log("Analog Gas Button Axis Value: " + Input.GetAxis("Gas"));

        if(Input.GetAxis("Brake") != 0)
            // Show the analog trigger values for Brake Trigger Button
            Debug.Log("Analog Brake Button Axis Value: " + Input.GetAxis("Brake"));

  • You can also use SteamVR_Controller.Device to get axis and button values*

     public SteamVR_TrackedObject mTrackeObject = null;
     public SteamVR_Controller.Device mDevice;
              private void Awake()
                  mTrackeObject = GetComponent<SteamVR_TrackedObject>();
          	void Update () {
                  mDevice = SteamVR_Controller.Input((int)mTrackeObject.index);
                  Vector2 axisValue = mDevice.GetAxis(SteamVR_Controller.ButtonMask.Trigger);