Huawei HMS Core support in UDP

Hi there,

Can anyone please advise if UDP already uses Huawei’s HMS Core for IAP purchases? or if we wanted to use HMS Core how would this be achieved?

The HMS Core plugin says in the description that we must use UDP to deliver an app that has the HMS Core plugin added:

Do we need to add this plugin separately? or is it already used by UDP.



I just got my first submission through Huawei’s AppGallery, it’s live now, and I just implemented UDP, did not use that HMS Core plugin… UDP contains all to make Huawei IAP work.

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That’s good to hear that UDP is functioning well, but we’re asking more because we want and need to use HMS Core.

I asked about the plugin and it's IAP support, this is the response "Our Asset store team confirmed there are plans to add IAP to it but there is no ETA for that to happen."

can you upload your IAPManger script. i am using my IAP code which i used for play store, its not working on udp, i have changed unity inapp target to unity distribution portal from google play