Huge Crowd in Unity?

Hi, i am making a game which needs huge crowd (Concert) but i don’t know where to get it.
I tried searching for Crowd model, but no luck…
When i place like 100 characters game lags so much… IDK what to do… Help?

You don’t need to place 100’s of characters – what you can do instead is make the majority of the crowd 2D (in the back, so it looks like there’s people) and then you can make the front few real models. If you do it this way then you go from placing 100s of models down to placing 2D textures and a few character models.

Older games did this all the time.

IF you don’t want to do that then you have to make a quality sacrifice; you can HAVE a lot of 3D characters but don’t expect them to be thousands of polygons each. You’d need to fully utilize static batching (using the same material over and over again for each model) on top of severely limiting any animations.