huge istantiating gives me problems (collider does not exist any longer)

ok I’ve propably got millions if not miliards of istantiated objects (cubes)

no I cannot shrink it any less to get less objects

after cirtain time for every istantiated hallway (34 floor + 24 wall) batch my FPS drops to 0 for a sec or 2 and yes this is pretty much normal

if I go forward for longer my istantiated objects loose collider and I just don’t get it why

and after that cirtain point all new istantiated hallways loose collider?

is that normal?

and no those that are left behind MUST not be disabled and reused as char can go back and must see them right there

and yes each hallway is in 1 collection and I made rendering only hallways 50m away from me all else get rendering disabled (not the collections but every cube separately)

so after an hour or 3 I’f found I fall through floor or to through wall of all new hallways

just to bother taking an actual stab at this why not.

You basically do like minecraft in some ways.

You just store the locations of where everything would be in a room but you don’t make it.

You make it as needed and DONT DESTROY

You’ve got a limited number of pieces you just create
999 of each piece you then spawn them all off in a tiny little corner during loading you move them into position you remove a layer of blocks behind you and toss them in the corner you take pieces from the corner and build a new layer in front.

Viola you got millions of pieces made by thousands of objects.