Huge Physics Spikes (In empty scene and populated scene)

This is still present in Unity 5.3.5f1 64-bit Personal Edition. This is the version I was told the bug was fixed. The spikes aren’t as many but are still present. If you’re experiencing this problem, I recommend using Unity 5.0.2f1 (64-bit) where this doesn’t happen.

Hey everyone,

I’m having a problem with development lately and it’s preventing me from going any further with it. It would seem with or without anything in a scene the Profiler is reporting huge game stopping spikes under Physics and Others (majority is due to Physics). This is giving a lag effect to the game and can slow it down for a second at random intervals throughout game play.

I’ve turned everything off in the layer collision matrix under Physics and under 2D Physics only set to use what I need. In the scene i’m reporting these spikes, there are no rigid body. I’m simply parallax scrolling some quad textures. There are a few directional lights, only one turned on at a time, with the exception of two running for a second or two.

I have tried experimenting with the Time To Sleep property under 2D physics settings,however it isn’t helping solve the problem. I’ve contacted customer service and been advised to reach out to the community for help.

I’m running Unity Personal Edition 5.2.3p3. Below are a few screenshots of the profiler, these are the results from the start screen as described above

Sometimes these spikes get much bigger, they’re inconsistent and always present. Any help would be really really appreciated! I just want to move on and this has prevented me to do so for a few weeks now :frowning:

Since I removed NGUI from my project, I don’t have any more of those spikes in Physics.Processing.

I had the same issue: First I noticed heavy stuttering randomly in simple scenes. When I checked the profiler it showed spikes at random in Physics.Processing. They needed about 33ms to 60ms (30 to 15 FPS). Even in an empty scene they appeared. Even in a new project they appeared.
Only when I restarted my PC, opened Unity and created a new project they were gone. However, when I opened my project and a scene, the spikes were back. Again I restarted my PC. The only tools I used, which don’t ship with Unity, were NGUI and iTween. So I created a new project and imported first iTween and then NGUI. No spikes. But after I added NGUI objects (just basics and a button) the spikes showed up. As soon as they appeared once, they also showed up in empty scenes.
Now I re-created my user interface with Unity UI (works like a charm by the way) and the spikes are gone.

In conclusion: I think there is something in my NGUI version (version 2.7.0) that causes those spikes in Physics.Processing as soon as it is loaded and until it is released somehow.

This doesn’t happen in Unity 5.0.2f1 (64-bit). I’m marking this as solved as this version of Unity can be used to continue development.

I was seeing Huge Physics.Processing spikes in Unity both an empty scene and the scene for my game. I counted 3 spikes in 1 minute on the empty scene and 10 spikes in one minute on my game.

I restarted my computer and ran unity without a bunch of other programs running on my computer. It didn’t solve the problem outright, but it does seem like there are fewer spikes. There was 1 Huge Physics.Processing spike in 1 minute on the empty scene and 0 Huge Physics.Processing spikes in 1 minute on my game. These spikes seem really random though and I have no idea what causes them.

I had the exact same problem… There were physics Spikes in my Game Scene aswell in an empty scene.

FIXED by Updating to version Unity 5.4.2f2 (64-bit)

I’m suddenly also having this issue, in Unity Plus 5.4.1f1…
Before these spikes, my 15 GIG large project was ruing
at 70 FPS to 200 FPS (never lower).
Now, i’m having these “CPU 98% overhead” (Profiler) spikes,
for no apparent reason… (even simple update is now needed to
shoot them, by random, and stall my game play in Editor,
every now and than, for a second or two each time…
My goodness… what other problems we are running into,
with every new Unity Update ?
(every update - something else screws up, on another corner).
This is not worth (any) of my paying unity Plus money, not
really, i must say it, to be honest … (on any of computers of me or my staff, there is now this gustly issue …).

Thank for this question to save my time. I have a project for 5.3.4 and a project for 5.3.6p2. And there’s no spike in 5.3.6p2 .

Now confirming it’s an Unity bug, I can move on. :slight_smile: