Huge spike in CPU use on level load (800ms +) crashes iPhone

HI, I'm getting a huge spike of around 800ms+ on loading my "level completed" scene which contains only a texture and a few buttons. It's worked fine up until now and I don't know what I could have changed to have affected this. I've attached two screenshots of the profiler for the specific frame (time it happens). I've run it twice to show how similar the results are. From the profiler it looks like I'm using asynchronous loading of the levels as that seems to be the spiking problem but I'm only using Application.LoadLevel("LevelName");

screenshot 1screenshot 2

Not sure if these pics are working.. so; and

Any ideas anyone? Would really appreciate the help!

Oh and it's an iPhone app and crashes the app every time it gets to the end of the level (the same frame as the screenshots)

I'm really desperate to get this sorted as soon as possible so I've also posted here; (but no answers yet!)

I've posted on the Scripting part of this forum;

And on Unity Answers;

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Ok found the problem.

The texture as a background that I was using was 1.8mb and taking up all the texture memory.