Huge terrain in Unity?

I am trying to make a terrain in Unity. Unity Terrain is not advanced enough, so I had to think of other ways to make terrains. The best way I thought of would be making a huge mesh. My game is supposed to run on Mobile devices, so perfomance is an important factor… I got a heightmap of the terrain I’m going to make. The heightmap is 10x10 kilometers big in real life.

1 pixel on the heightmap = 10 meters in real life.

Is it possible to make a terrain that big in Unity for Android?

And what would be the best approach way? Should I make the mesh in Blender and then split it into smaller portions?

Thanks in advance.


Found this

But thats terrain in quite repeated. I think your main problem on Andoid is to keep nice texturing on tegra devices

Simply cut the mesh into pieces after texturing (Make sure preserve UVs is ticked(3Ds Max) then import each piece into Unity and use Occlusion culling to hide the pieces that are not in view, you could also use LOD which can be used to load lower poly meshes as each piece goes further from the player until it eventually is un-rendered.