Huge Texture Not Keeping Resolution

I’m here with a question that seems rather common, yet none of the solutions I’ve found have worked for me.

Basically, I have a massive UI sprite (something like 7000x8000). I imported this as an Advanced Texture with the settings in the below image. I then clicked “Set Native Size” in the Sprite Component. It was really blurry on Bilinear and Trilinear, but it still doesn’t look great in Point either.

As you can see in the below screenshot, its massive size should make it crisp when viewed full screen:

The RectTransform of the Sprite has it’s scale set to 1,1,1.

I’m looking for a way to make the sprite have the resolution that it has in the image editor. I also need a "zoom out’ feature to view a larger portion of the map, but I imagine I can just shrink the scaling in the scene and it won’t cause any problems.


What did you set as the max size of the texture?

If you did not change it it is 2048 by default.

You can change it it the Default tab or you can overwrite it for your target platform.