Huh! InvokeRepeating fires twice w/ zero ?

Has anyone noticed this?

If you use InvokeRepeating, with the first argument exactly zero …

it seems to fire TWICE on that first firing. Strange!

Does everyone else know this other than me? Is this a well-known bug?


Huh, I’m getting the same results with this very simple test script:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

public class InvokeTest : MonoBehaviour 
	void Start () 
		InvokeRepeating("Tick", 0f, 1f);
	void Tick()

“0” logs twice, with further logs coming in once every second.

This is the first I’ve heard of this issue, but I found this thread from last December, which includes a suggestion to use a very small number like 0.001 instead of 0.