human bone "Hips" not found

I am at my wits end with this issue now.

I have re-created my characters avatar multiple times according to the Unity instructions.

Everything on the configure avatar screen is green.

Trying to apply the avatar to an animation clip

I have been trying to fix this for days now and I am loosing my mind.

your animation clip uses a different rig then the character you've created the avatar for. That's what the error message at the bottom tells you: In you avatar definition you've selected a bone named "hip" but that doesn't exist in the rig your animation is using.

Change "Avatar Definition" to "Create From This Model".

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After stumbling through this same error, I found a solution (although I don't understand it). When you are in the character configure interface, scroll down to the bottom of the bones window and you'll see a "Pose" dropdown menu. Select the "Enforce T-Pose" option and apply. That should hopefully remove the error.




Hi you didn't import animations correctly does your animations name shows the name of your character which you imported ? if no then you should first select the character then apply animations then download the animations.

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I am facing same problem but there is no option as pose in version 2022.3.4f1 i am stuck at this for 2 days please help

9221652--1287471--Screenshot 2023-08-14 201947.png
9221652--1287474--Screenshot 2023-08-14 201956.png

Hi, Burning_lion.
Lower the scrollbar on the right!