Human skin not getting exported from Maya to Unity

I am trying to export a human model from Maya to Unity. In maya, my model shows all the skeleton and skin. I exported from Maya in both .mb or .fbx format. In both cases, when I imported my assest in Unity, I can see only the bones and mesh of the human. I see no skin, if I put my 3d human model in my Unity scene. Hence, my human is coming in some grey color. How can I bring the skin in Unity? What I am doing wrong? I am using AutoDesk Maya free version. I am doing export all while exporting my model.

Unity can only import UV mapped, bone driven animated meshes and textures, along with some material properties such as the material name, texture reference and some colour values. So to ‘import’ your material make sure you have UV mapped your skin mesh in Maya with a skin texture and that you copy (or reference from directly) your skin texture into your Unity Project > Assets > Model folder > Textures folder.

Alternatively with FBX you can embed textures > export > Embed Media

If you have a more sophisticated skin material type in Maya which uses shader/parameters that are not recognised in Unity, you will need to bake your materials into UV mapped textures and choose an appropriate shader in Unity to set up your imported material to gain a similar appearance in Unity.