Humanoid Avatar Muscle Pose Issue

Hello. I’m working with a group on students on a university assignment and we’ve found an issue that we just can’t seem to solve!

What we are trying to make is a character riding a unicycle. As we have no animators in our group, we thought it would be a cool idea to use IK’s to position the feet at the pedals.

The problem we are having seems to stem from converting it to a humanoid avatar. When looking at the Mapping tab, everything appears to be working fine:
Mapping tab info:

But when I move over to the Muscles & Settings tab, the entire rig is moved down like this:

Which when running the game results in this:

This is the hierarchy for the rig in the inspector:

We’re not really sure why this is happening. Is the avatar configured wrong? Is the model rigged incorrectly? Is there something else we’ve missed? Please help us!

No there is nothing wrong with anything. The model is defaulting to the pivot point of the root node (the bip01). There is an offset in the rig setup, I don’t have Unity up in front of me right now so I can’t say what the exact button is called. The offset will allow the pivot to be offset towards the feet where it should be.

Question: Why using humanoid? A character riding a unicycle is not really a character that needs humanoid retargeting features? If only using humanoid for the purposes of built in IK - consider using free IK solutions available in the asset store - which can be used on all rigs, not exclusively only to humanoid.

Another option if able - if the character does not get off of the unicycle. Rig and animate the the character on the unicycle in 3D app (not in Unity) and export the character and unicycle as one complete rig/character. Then setup in Unity as generic rig. Better results will be created using this method rather than attempting to use humanoid for a character that doesn’t really need the features humanoid rig offers.