Humanoid IK question.

I have a character set up I plan to animate completely with ik. I have Empty Gameobjects that are the targets for all 4 limbs. I was wondering if there was a way I could have head-body ik. It would be nice if there was. Just wondering if this exists, or if there is an easy way this could be done. The head-body ik would basically rotate the neck and waist to try to reach the target. Also the rotation of the target would rotate the neck and waist. One thing I was thinking if there was no head-body ik is if I could modify the muscle-groups that are shown in the Humanoid rig setup. If those are accessible through a script, then I could work with that.

You won’t be able to fully animate using IK. Hands and feet, that’s all you can do, and only very basic pointing/directional movements. Nope, no head or body IK (you can check the docs, you only get what’s in AvatarIKGoal). Not sure what you’re ultimate goals is, but if you’re trying to keep things simple(r) by just using IK and avoiding animation, I think you’ll ultimately find yourself having to jump in and tackle the pains of animation. You basically just need an animator and some animation clips to start. It’s really quick and easy to get started, but there’s so many ways that you can tweak and fine tune animation to look better that it’s also easy to get overwhelmed, quickly. But you may not be able to avoid it.