Humanoid Problem

Sorry for my english, this is the Google translator.
My character is his left elbow is twisted on Humanoid?
On Generic the left elbow is ok but the hand wrist is not.
I need this character on Humanoid for other animations.
The character is stored as FBX.

Sorry für mein Englisch, dies ist der Google Übersetzer.
Mein Charakter sein Linker Elbogen ist auf Humanoid verdreht ?
Auf Generic ist der Linke Elbogen ok aber das Hand Handgelenk nicht.
Ich brauche diesen Charakter auf Humanoid für andere Animationen.
Der Charakter ist als FBX gespeichert.

Humanoid :

Generic :

The model probably has a twist bone (extra bone in the forearm) and the humanoid mapping is mapped to that bone instead of the actual forearm bone.
Or - the vertex limit might be exceeding 4 vertices per bone. Check that in 3D software.

Generic - maybe hmmm… Usually generic doesn’t mess up like this so it is hard to say what is causing the issue in the generic set up.

Yes, the arms have a twist bone. Does not it work in unity?
Or did I arrange the wrong?